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Fengyuan industrial company bringing a new AEE product attends CIAAF (Zhengzhou)

Fengyuan industrial company bringing a new AEE product attends CIAAF (Zhengzhou)


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Fengyuan industrial company bringing a new AEE product attends CIAAF (Zhengzhou)

On 26th of June, The famous fair for car accessories industry, namely, 2018 China international auto aftermarket fair (CIAAF 2018) opened in Zhengzhou of China. During the exhibition, besides AEE products, Fengyuan industrial company displayed some new improved series product with brand of“飞凡原野” attracted more and more customers to visit and inquire.


Comparing with the auto market of surplus storage , the auto after-market still appears dynamic. In the past year, the scale of auto after-market had reached to trillion (yuan) RME, which means the car-care industry had been ranked amongst “trillion club”. In 2018, the auto after-market shows more freshness, filling with energy. And much more evidences are also indicating the scale of after-market will crease exponentially in the coming days, so, which is named as “Golden Industry”.


About AEE series of Fengyuan Industry 

Zengcheng Fengyuan Industrial Company, as one of key enterprises constructed and planed by government as well as one of national high-tech. enterprises and one of core special enterprises supported by state, and passed ISO2015 certification several years ago, has focused on the auto after-market for 22 years.

The enterprise had registered 2 major brands in China, which are “飞凡原野” and “大卫”, among them, the series with “飞凡原野” brand since established has been oriented to world market as one high quality and high security of product, however, the series with “大卫” brand had been aiming to domestic industrial market, providing top industries and customers with high efficient and convenient as well as security service.


AEE series came from United State of America originally, which brand was established in 1972, until now more than 46 years of history has came into being, is one of top deepening car-care products in USA. 

Since 2013, America AEE company had began to enter Chinese car-care market, whilst, united with Fengyuan Industry, and set up AEE Marketing Center Of China. With time goes on, Fengyuan industry has been developing new series car-care products constantly, before and after the year, has been awarded 79 items of software copyright and 64 items of software registration as well as 4 items of patent of invention and 67 applications for patent, among which the series registered with “飞凡原野”brand and with “大卫” brand win the honour to get “National key new product” and “Guangzhou key new product” of title.